Why Some Parents Discourage Interracial Dating?

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The thing love, we cannot survive without it, it is nested deep within us that longs for affection and closeness. There is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than loving someone with all your heart and soul, and when two people fall in love with each other they fall for that person despite any negativity that comes in there way, they pay no attention towards the differences of color, caste or ethnicity. That person means the world to them but the problem comes when our loved ones, our parents doesn’t approve that person over petty reasons just like ethnicity.

A number of relationships doesn’t even begins because of the difference in ethnicity, the difference of culture, color and ethnic background seems pretty big to our parents. Could it be because of the stereotypical thinking going on since forever or may be because they have some valid reasons that they have a firm believe that interracial dating doesn’t and couldn’t work. We have mentioned some of the reasons discourage dating interracially:

interracial couple

1. Family Status/Reputation

What happens when you go in a relationship? You are all about that person, you want to blast it over everywhere telling everyone how awesome that person is, you post pictures with them, write statuses about him or her, hence the world now knows who you are dating. This is like the most petrified situation for a parent above of all that white people especially dread what if their child dates a black person. This fear poorly reflects on their minds and they couldn’t help but think what will people say.

2. Cultural Values

According to some parents, interracial relationships can weaken the cultural values. When people from entirely different culture gets married the culture values is mixed up and even vanished from within their values. This would create mishap in future if they ever got married and their children will be vacant from any cultural value.

3. Different religion

This must be the most common reason why parents discourages dating a person outside your culture, religious values could create a major difference among people and when it is about having a relationship with them, this must be the last thing you could ever think about. This might be the biggest fear of parents this is why they do not approve the person who are not part of their religion.

We might think that racism is long gone now but still some people hold onto that so religiously that letting it go is too hard for them the stereotypical mindset is still hanging upon us. In some families, marrying your kids or letting your kids date outside their culture is the last thing they can think. In fact they should appreciate the fact that their child is embracing diversity, experiencing different cultures by meeting different people and amidst that if a person like someone from another culture and he/she is best at their manners and morale values why not give it a shot?