5 Tips for White Men Dating Black Women

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In today’s world, white men dating black women is already a common thing. And just like any relationship, your interracial relationship will not always be sunny and bright. There will be a fair share of trials and tribulations along the way. However, interracial dating will bring lots of situations, reactions, and issues that you might not face when you are dating white women. Some of the issues are sad, some are funny, but most of them are plain stupid. Below are some tips for white men dating black women.

white man dating black wman

1. You Are Now a Minority

According to statistics, white men are least likely to marry someone out of one’s racial group. And when you are in an interracial dating relationship, you should expect to be treated as a minority as well.

2. Be Open-Minded about Cultural and Racial Differences

Race will always be an issue when it comes to interracial dating. Even if you meant it as a compliment, don’t tell your significant other that she’s pretty, well-spoken, or intelligent for a black woman. It is as if you are telling her that you think black people are bad, but she is the only exception.

Complimenting a black woman that way will imply that she is the only beautiful, well-spoken, or intelligent one, and the others are unattractive, inarticulate, or dumb. Black women still suffer from racial stereotyping, and you might hurt your partner’s feeling.

The best way to compliment her is to say it without the “for a black woman” at the end of the sentence. For instance, tell her she’s pretty, or she is intelligent. And that’s it.

3. Don’t Pretend That You Are Black

Some white men dating black women pretend that they are also black. They dress like a rapper and try to do freestyle rap. Your partner liked you for who you are, and not somebody else. So just be yourself and do what you normally do when you are out on a date.

4. Appreciate Her Sexuality

It is important that you appreciate her sexuality without fetish zings her. There are different ways you can fetishise a black woman, but most of the time it involves expecting her to adhere to stereotypes, and quantify her like some sort of trophy. You should not expect every black woman to know how to twerk, be promiscuous, or angry all the time. Not only will you be disappointed to find out that she doesn’t have any of those attributes, but you will also be harming their feelings as well.

5. Treat Her as a Woman

When you are out on a date, remember that you are out with another human being. It should not be just another social experiment. Spend the time to get to know her better, just like in any other date you have been in the past.

These are some of the things that you need to remember. When you are in an interracial dating relationship, you should appreciate what makes your date special. And that’s how you can build a stronger relationship with your partner.