Top 5 Things to Know about White Men Dating Asian Women

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asian woman and white manThere is a growing amount of Asian women looking for white men on interracial dating sites, and there is no sign that this trend is going to slow down. While it is becoming more common to see white men with Asian women, there are still some misconceptions about Asian interracial dating. Here are the five main things that you should know about Asian women and interracial dating.

1. Asian Women are not Only Looking to Date White Men

There are many women that like to claim that Asian women only want to date white men. However, the truth is that, like American women, Asian women like guys of all races. There are some Asian women who prefer white men, but you can also find Asian women who cannot stand white men.

2. Asian Women do not Only Date Older Guys

There are many misconceptions that come from mail-order brides, especially about men in other countries who have wives that are super young. This happens in every culture, but it is not the norm for Asian women to date men who are much older than themselves. If you look closely at any college or university campus, you will find most Asian women dating guys who are about the same age as they are.

3. Asian Women are not weak and Submissive

The misconception that Asian women are weak and submissive is centuries old and is still used today, as western women feel like men are leaving them alone. Most Asian women try to avoid drama and are very polite. This is can make them seem weak, but they are super strong because they know when to avoid saying anything at all.

4. Asian Women looking for White Men are not just after Money or a Green Card

There are Asian women who are looking to secure their green card, but at the same time, there are women of all races who are dating guys in hopes of getting a green card or the guy’s money. The reality is that most Asian women looking for white men want to have a healthy relationship. Most times, they do not care about what you own or how much money you have in your bank account.

white men dating asian women

5. It is a Real Relationship

The saddest and also the funniest part of interracial dating, is there are people who do not think that the relationship is real. This is far from the truth, so it is hard to understand why so many people think that you cannot have a real relationship when you are in an interracial relationship.

With more Asian women looking for white men, it is clear that the amount of specialized interracial dating sites will keep growing. However, there always will be people who have misconceptions about these relationships.