5 Tips for Using Dating Apps

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Dating apps are good software that can be used to find and meet new friends and of course new dates. It could be the beginning of your next rosy relationship or hangout and at the same time it could be unfruitful and challenge-full. So, to get maximum satisfactions and connections, it is important that you use them well and appropriately.

This article will be dedicated to giving you 5 practical tips on using dating apps, the dos and the don’ts and how to get along very well on these sites or applications.

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1. Be Your Best on Dating Sites

Dating apps are just like the social media, they are not far apart. Just as you wouldn’t put off some trashy picture of you online, you shouldn’t do so with dating apps too. In fact, some memories that may not cause issues on facebook and twitter may get you negative swipes on dating apps, because unlike the first, the latter is solely made with the purpose of matchmaking you with a spouse!

How do I present My Best?

Am I suggesting that you off fake profiles and lie about your true self, hell no! But this question brings us to the next tip:

2. Upload and stock your profiles with pictures accentuating the best part of you

There are no worst parts of you definitely, but don’t you think it is wiser to put up a photo that covers your full face, and a carries a smile? Oh yes, you may be feeling like you ‘aren’t the smiling type’ but guess what? That is 10% off the number of individuals that will contact you. People need to see you as friendly and sociable; when they come close, you can feed them more details, but for attraction sake, don’t go looking like an Arnold Schwarzenegger in your pictures. So wear a nice smile, in a nice shot; the aim of being on these sites is to get hooked after all so why delay your chances?

3. Be real!

Many of you may already be thinking that I am suggesting some planned ‘faceoff’ but it is far from it. You have to be as real as possible, with the information you present out, who you are, how you chat, and even with your photos. Don’t be appearing at a beach or clubhouse in your photos because it is what the other sex ‘fancies’ when in actual fact, you hate those places!

4. Do not live your bio bland, blank or tasteless:

Your bio adds character information to your profile and photos. Don’t approach it carelessly. Tell your special traits, what you find pleasure in doing; what makes you unique and your view about life; you could wrap it all up with a sentence that suggests that you are happy to meet a new friend. Bam! A new hello is coming your way.

5. Be responsive during conversations and avoid being snobbish or insulting:

Anyone who messages you thinks you too can get along, however, many of them may not schedule a date out rightly, they may want to get to know you a little bit before that; so, give answers to what you can and politely decline the ones you cannot respond to.

Lastly, here’s a bonus tip: be conscious of the information you give out on dating apps, your security and safety is paramount.