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There has been a misconception when it is about dating from different cultures or backgrounds. It is sad that some put culture and color first when looking for a partner. Swirlr.com breaks these boundaries. Singles get a chance to look for love not based on culture and color but based on character. It is a service that brings people together, and this can be proved by the numerous success stories.

Top Features of Swirlr.com

Once you have registered with swirl, you have the chance of viewing unlimited profiles in order to see if you have a match. Since you are guaranteed of full refund if you are not satisfied in the 3 months you subscribe, this assures you that it is worth spending your money on swirl. You do not have to include your home address, place of work, last name, phone number or email address which guarantees you some sense of privacy. It has the option for “Report Concern” where you can report suspicious persons.

Pros And Cons


  • You are guaranteed of privacy. This is due to the fact that you do not have to include your full names, place of work, home address or phone number among other personal details.
  • You are given safety tips. When registering, there are safety tips that you should go through on the website.
  • Users have the ability to report users who sends offensive messages. This assures you that you will only be dealing with mature persons who have the same interests as you.
  • Great customer service with live chat round the clock. This means that whatever question you could be having, you have reliable support.
  • Users search for their dating preferences free of charge.


  • The website collects personal information automatically when you visit the website.
  • Despite the privacy measures taken by the website, there are still scammers that will try to do what they do best to other users.


  • Your personal information is not shared with anyone.
  • You can update and verify your profile whenever you wish to do so.

It Is Easy to Use the Website

Ease of use means a user can navigate through the website without a hassle. This is a guarantee with Swirlr.com. You only need to fill in a few details about yourself, and you can embark on a search. Every link leads you to a page that you click on. You will not have to deal with frustrating dead links. If a user experiences difficulties navigating the website, they can engage in a live chat with a staff for assistance.

Editor’s Verdict

Being in an interracial relationship plays a great role in breaking the misconception that you can only date people of certain color or culture. This spreads love and if you have been longing for search a relationship but you have no idea where you can get a match consider this website. It gives you exposure to like-minded people and gives you a chance of being happy. It’s a perfect way to find a match without embarrassment.