5 Ways to Meet Singles in Birmingham

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Looking for ways to meet singles in Birmingham? Then you have plenty of great options available! Birmingham is one of the largest cities in the country, so it’s safe to assume there are a fair few singles looking for love, romance, or even just some casual fun.

However, knowing where to start in such a big city is often daunting, espiecally if you’ve been out of the dating game for a while or are relatively new Birmingham. It’s easy enough once you know the best ways to meet singles in Birmingham!


1. Dating Sites

One of the best ways to meet singles in Birmingham is to sign up for a dating website. These always use location to help match you with other singles, so by using a dating site it’s very easy to meet singles in Birmingham.

Granted, there is no guarantee of finding the right person, but given the more relaxed environment of an online dating website many people find it a very appealing way to meet fellow singles. Plus, Birmingham is a big city so you are more than likely to meet a few singles using the right dating site!

2. Bars, pubs, and clubs

Birmingham is home to many great bars and these a good place to try and meet singles. Some bars are more single-friendly than others, with certain venues even hosting date nights for singles in the city looking to meet others.

With the likes of pub quizzes, cocktail nights, and happy hours easy to come by at the city centre, heading to a bar to meet singles is always an option for residents of Birmingham.

3. Birmingham Single Meetups

There are many great single meetup events held throughout Birmingham, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking to meet someone in the city. From walking groups to women over 50s, there are various niche dating categories for single meetups events in Birmingham, which are a great choice for anyone trying to find something more specific from their dating site.

4. Speed Dating Events

While a more unique way to meet singles, speed dating is a popular event for singles across the country, and Birmingham is no exception to this. Various speed dating events are hosted every month in Birmingham, so consider checking one of these out if you really want to try to meet a fellow single.

Much like meetups for singles, these are events specially hosted for singles in and around Birmingham so offer a good opportunity to meet someone. Granted, the process is quite different to ‘traditional’ dating but is no less effective for meeting singles.

5. Ask a Friend

Chances are you have a friend, relative, or co-worker that knows a single person in Birmingham - so why not as for a date or phone number? It’s a more old-fashioned method and some people hate the idea of a blind-date, but you’d be shocked at how many couples met due to a neutral friend.