Best Dating Places In Northern Ireland

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Ireland is well known as a very beautiful country that is perfect for both reading and romance, but planning your dates is important to save both times, money and ensure the best experience for you and your partner. All the locations mentioned are important parts of what makes Ireland such a unique and beautiful place and are among the best dating places in Northern Ireland.

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1. Tannaghmore Garden Picnic

This is one of the first ideas that most people will suggest for a date idea in Northern Ireland. Surrounded by lush gardens, well maintained and designed with lovely sculptures in them, this is a true lover’s haven. In the garden, there is an old kissing gate, and it is said that lovers who kiss beside it are likely to get married within the year.

2. Fermanagh Lakes

There are several boat rides around the quiet lovely lakes. Boatmen will tell you stories of how the lake was formed all those years ago, and walk you through the ruins of the old Crom Castle. There is also an island where you can stop and take a short walk.

3. The Giants Causeway at Bushmills

The UNESCO world heritage site is a sight to behold with the massive well shaped rocks that battle with the sea every day. Many lovers have spent hours just looking out to sea and feeling the sea spray hit them as they talked.

4. Mussenden Temple at Castlerock

With a spectacular view of Downhill beach, the Mussenden temple was built as far back as 1795 to serve as a summer library. Located at the farthest edge of the cliff, the temple is a sight to behold. There are plenty of lovely cafes nearby where you can look at the sea and enjoy some lovely Irish coffee.

5. A walk through Roe Valley County Park's lovely woods

You'll have the romantic scenery of a river as you walk through the woods and through fields of wild flowers as the river bends and falls through huge gorges, making for a spectacular sight.

6. Welcome to The Jungle, for the adventurous date.

The Jungle in Northern Ireland is one of the quirkiest and most awarded providers of adventure. You can tuck yourself away in the woodland where it is quiet and peaceful. You can also go on a trek with Llamas and try your hand at some shooting.

7. Armagh's Tepee Valley

Another award winning campsite, famed for its special and unique sleepovers. You can choose from a variety of stays that include gypsy caravans, Yurts, Teepes and of course log cabins. The valley itself is a beautiful place with plenty of scenery to walk around in.

There's a lot more on offer from Northern Ireland than these 7 places, with great food options like The Ruddy Duck Fish House, which was awarded the best fish and chips restaurant in Northern Ireland in 2018. Fish and Chips are a very popular dish in Northern Ireland, making the restaurant another one of the best dating places in Northern Ireland.