How to Date White Men When You’re Not White

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If you’ve ever noticed that a lot of black men only seem interested in white women, you might be frustrated at the dating game. It’s just like Kanye West says! When he get on, he leave you for a white girl! That’s not cool.

But hey, two can play at that game. Why not start dating successful, funny, and fit white men for a change? With an interracial dating app you can do just that. Don’t assume all white men have the same hangups as other white guys you’ve met in the past. The fact is there are many white guys out there that love black women, feel attracted to black girls, and would love just an opportunity to date someone like you. How do you find these guys?

mixed couple

Dating Apps Are On Your Side, Sister!

An interracial dating app might help. These apps filter out the singles who don’t like to date outside their race and match people up based on attraction. Not surprisingly, you find lots of black women dating white men, or Spanish men, or Asian men.

The truth is many white or brown men are attracted to black women and are just a little embarrassed to say that outright. They don’t want to insult you by pretending it’s all just physical attraction or about your body shape.

A man might also find your personality amazing. Your wit, your friendly disposition, your intelligence, and your confidence. A lot of guys feel that black women have charisma and more life experience than just another white girl.

And sure, sexual chemistry is part of that attraction. Some black women have a voluptuous body shape that white and Latino guys find sexy. Black women might also have the humor, the party girl personality, and the seductive charm that a lot of other girls don’t have.

But a sophisticated white man doesn’t want to make a fool of himself by catcalling you. He wants to take you out to a respectable dinner and get to know you. That’s the beauty of an interracial dating app.

It’s OK To Make the First Move

Sad but true a lot of really cool guys, and handsome guys, are too overly respectful when they first meet a strong black woman who’s funny and confident.

They are very attracted to her - to her sass, to her voice and body shape, and all that. But they need a little encouragement to make the first move.

So instead of waiting for a white guy to be lame or use a stupid pickup line, why not do something different? Match with him and then make the first move! Compliment him, or tell a joke, or use an icebreaker question.

If you both like horoscopes you can talk about your signs and compatibility. Or you can comment on something he said on his profile, something you might have in common.

You don’t have to be flirty or even funny. But can you come across as fun? Can you give off that vibe of, “Hey you look interesting. Let’s chat!”

Guys love it when a woman is confident enough to make the first move, but also presents herself in a cool and collected way. Try this strategy and watch your interracial romance come to life!

There Are Going to Be Quirks, But These Aren’t Always Aggressions!

When you date someone of a different race or ethnicity, it’s inevitable that cultural differences are going to come up. You may even have some political or religious disagreements. Just because a white guy might want to talk about a sensitive issue – even though in theory, he should just shut up about it! – letting him speak his mind is the loving thing to do.

Just because you listen and let him offer input doesn’t mean you have to agree with him. If he misunderstands something about your family or about your beliefs, you can explain it to him calmly.

Some black women also say that white men tend to be very easily upset when they see micro-racisms from other people or even mutual friends. It’s very nice that he notices and is sensitive to your feelings. But let him know that losing his temper and starting conflict is not always the best approach. It’s always better to calmly and logically educate a person whenever they perpetuate myths or stereotypes about race.

And there’s nothing wrong with using some good humor either, letting your friends and family know that there are no hard feelings.

When It Comes To Meeting Family, Love Leads

If your interracial relationship progresses over time, he is going to be nervous about meeting your family and vice versa! But don’t let it psyche you out. You will help each other through the nervous part of it. And statistically speaking, most family members really are OK with it and don’t make a lot of awkward scenes.

Sure, sometimes someone says something inappropriate, but that’s just the difference between generations sometimes. Usually, it’s not racism motivating these comments, but a lack of knowing who your partner is. Fix that by talking about each other to your respective parents. You’ll have a much happier life when everyone is on board with your relationship!