6 Challenges to Interracial Relationships

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challengesInterracial dating is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately however, not many people feel the same way about it. This is especially true of society and family. Interracial couples often find themselves having to battle more challenges than other couples.

1. Strained relationships with family

Your family may not be very open to the idea of interracial dating. Some families may out rightly reject those of their members who decide to date people from another race. Sometimes, the disapproval may be more subtle, but it can still take a toll on anyone. Your family may make it very clear to you that your partner is not welcome to any family event, and that can be very hurtful indeed.

2. Stereotypes

If you decide to date someone from a different race, brace yourself for a lot of assumptions being mad about you even by complete strangers. Stereotypes are usually wounding to the victim, but erasing them from people is quite difficult. Some stereotypes are so deeply ingrained in people that they simply can’t see you for who you are, but tend to jump to conclusions about you. It can be annoying and sometimes plain insensitive but it happens more often than not.

3. Stigma

In addition to the stereotypes, interracial couples often have to deal with social stigma. Society generally tends to frown upon interracial relationships, and especially if you live among very conservative people. Unwarranted and nasty comments will often be thrown your way when you least expect them. Sometimes, people are totally convinced that those who are interracial relationships often have ulterior motives, and they will tell you this to your face in no uncertain terms.

4. Lack of common beliefs

Some of the struggles that are unique to interracial couples are internal as well. For instance, because of being brought up differently, you may find yourselves holding different beliefs. You may be from different religious backgrounds, and certain values may matter more to you than to your partner. This can be a constant source of disagreements and strife in your relationship.

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5. Other Interracial Couples

One would think that other interracial couples would be very supportive of you since they face the same predicament. The truth however is that other interracial couples can be a challenge you may have to overcome. They may not do it in bad faith, but they are likely to pour out their insecurities and issues on to you, and this can suffocate your own relationship.

6. Self-Doubt

Yet another challenge that most interracial couples face is that of self-doubt. Sometimes, when the challenges become too overwhelming, many are tempted to call it quits. At other times, the scathing remarks from the world can leave deep wounds in the hearts of interracial lovers, and they might not be able to move past the hurtful occurrences especially if they are recurring.


It is clear that interracial dating is not for the fainthearted. It requires one to grow a thick skin and to play deaf to all the nasty comments the world throws at them. Interracial love is worth fighting for, and you shouldn’t let anything come between you and your significant other. Stay put and after a while things will certainly get better, and people will learn to respect you.